At, we are proud of the companies that put France in the spotlight. This article wants to highlight the work of a digital company that is struggling to make its mark in a world ruled by the tech giants. We’re sure you’ve already heard of companies offering music streaming services (1). In fact, there’s a good chance that as you read this, you’re listening to music on your favorite app. But did you know that among these tech giants is Deezer? 

Deezer, originally called Blogmusik, is a French company that allows you to listen to streaming music and podcasts on different devices. According to its website, you can find more than 73 million songs, create your own playlists, receive personalized recommendations and the most amazing thing is that with Deezer Premium, you don’t need a wifi connection to listen to songs, you just download them and listen to them later, on the device of your choice and when you want!

« You bring the passion. We bring the music. »


Founded in August 2006 in Paris, Deezer has been providing music enthusiasts with access to music for over 14 years, as its slogan reflects: “You bring the passion. We bring the music”. Deezer is already considered a unicorn start-up (2) and has been selected in 2019 by the French government to be part of the Next40 group (3). Deezer already has 16 million active users, with a repertoire of over 73 million songs and a presence in over 180 countries. 

What services does Deezer offer?

In addition to offering music to users, Deezer offers companies several branding opportunities, including sponsored playlists, blind tests (4), custom solutions, a playlist generator, podcasts, live events, etc. If you have a business and want more info, you can visit their page by clicking here

Who are the founders of Deezer?

Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya are the founders of Deezer. Daniel is currently the director. Jonathan left Deezer in November 2010 and currently lives in the United States in the state of California. Both are French entrepreneurs who have also created other companies in the new technologies sector.

To find out more about their products and services, visit their website. Deezer also has a recruitment page where you can see job opportunities in various cities around the world and apply if they catch your eye.

  1. « Music streaming » refers to the delivery of music in a live stream..
  2. A « Unicorn » is an unlisted start-up company valued at over $1 billion.
  3. The « Next40 » is a label awarded by the French government to promising young companies in the technology sector.
  4. A « Blind Test » is a marketing concept based on a consumer testing a product without knowing the brand.